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Početna     TE-NF8209 Mrežni kabel tester
TE-NF8209 Mrežni kabel tester

TE-NF8209 Mrežni kabel tester

Tone generator

Napredni tester za praćenje mrežnog kabela i komplet sondi s mogućnostima testiranja kabela (Wiremap, duljina, PoE)

Šifra artikla: TE-NF8209

TE-NF8209 Mrežni kabel tester

  • Podaci o proizvodu

  • 3 Cable Tracing Modes - Digital, Analog, and PoE. In digital or analog mode the tone generator sends strong, clear toning to let you find cables faster. If the cable you need to identify is plugged in a PoE switch, the PoE scan mode will make the cable tracing more precise.

  • 3 Cable Testing Capabilities - Wiremap, Length, and PoE. The NF-8209 allows you to do wire map testing and check 5 common connection problems including open, short, cross, split, and reversed pairs, measure the length of LAN cables with range of 2.5m - 500m, test the info of PoE devices such as PoE voltage, power supply polarity and mode, type of PSE (AF or AT standard).

  • Port Flash & Switch Details Test. The port flash feature enables you to locate network ports by flashing port light on switches or routers, and will tell you the connected switch’s info like its speed, transmitting mode , and protocol.

  • 128x64 Dots Graphic LCD Display. The NF-8209 cable tracker comes with a bright and easily discernible LCD display making it much easier to use. Any cable issues can be easily identified and tracked just from looking at the visual and well-lit tester display.

  • Non-contact Voltage (NCV) Detecting. The receiver (the tone probe) can be used to detect AC voltage presence.

  • Certification. Passes RoHS, FCC, and CE compliance testing, and Noyafa is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.