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Početna     D-GEL Tekućina za odmašćivanje optičkih kabela
D-GEL Tekućina za odmašćivanje optičkih kabela

D-GEL Tekućina za odmašćivanje optičkih kabela

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DGEL is a high performance, alcohol free cable gel solvent cleaner that was specifically developed for the safe and easy removal of cable gels and blocking compounds from copper and fibre optic communication cables without removing ID inks

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D-GEL Tekućina za odmašćivanje optičkih kabela

  • Podaci o proizvodu

  • Controlled evaporation rate
  • Substitute for aggressive chlorinated solvents, mineral spirits or kerosene
  • Reduces consumption & VOC emissions when replacing fast evaporating cleaning solvents
  • Alcohol and halogen free
  • No deleterious effects on cables, splice materials or tools
  • Reduces splicing failures and moisture permeation, increasing cable life
  • Effective cleaning allows quicker cable preparation reducing splice time/overheads
  • Full end to end fibre identification increases multi-core cable utilization
  • Equally effective with both copper and fibre optic cables
  • No effect on semi-conductive polymeric cable jacket material conductivity when applied directly to the cable jacket surface in testing
  • Can be used safely with semi-conductive cable when used under normal cleaning procedures
  • No appreciable effect on fibre ribbon samples tested
  • Available in both liquid and low lint pre-saturated wipes utilising a cloth compliant to AMS 3819C & BMS 15-5F standard
  • Pre-saturated wipe system eliminates the hazardous storage, transport and logistical issues of loose flammable liquids